Nutrition and Menu

At Roslin Nursery we believe that mealtimes should be social, happy times where skills can be developed and foods tasted! We strongly feel that a healthy diet means a content and happy child, so our dedicated nursery cook provides nourishing and healthy meals fresh everyday. We provide a balanced breakfast, together with mid-morning snacks, a hot lunch and "high" tea.

Care is taken to ensure produce such as vegetables and fruit are fresh. Our meals are well-balanced and nutritious and we ensure that all diets are catered for whether they are for medical reasons or preferences.

Babies home feeding routines are continued in the nursery and we work alongside parents to introduce a successful weaning programme.

Our Nursery cook works on site, and prepares each meal fresh everyday.

Our menus are reviewed seasonally, and work on a four week cycle, ensuring all children are receiving a variety of food, tastes and textures throughout their stay at nursery.

Roslin Nursery have been awarded the 5* Food Hygeine Rating!

Please see our Menu's below.


Ofsted: Children are provided with healthy and nutritious home cooked foods which are freshly prepared by the cook. Individual dietary requirements are well catered for. The nursery has developed an area in the garden for planting their own fruit and vegetables, and children are actively encouraged to become involved with this. They help to water the crops and talk about the different varieties growing, and how they will harvest them to be cooked in their dinners