Children love to Play

Children love to Play! For this reason, Roslin Day Nursery’s environments are designed to support learning through play. Our curriculum is made up of activities that will encourage your child to learn as they play. We surround them with books and toys, musical instruments, paint and glue, bikes and climbing equipment; all designed to stimulate and stretch their imaginations while having fun on the way!

Children who come to Roslin Day Nursery leave with a greater understanding about the world that they live in. They learn in an atmosphere that encourages participation and cooperation. We put a great deal of emphasis on appropriate behaviour and lead this by example. We are all role models to your child, and we take this responsibility very seriously.

Our teams are our greatest asset. Our Staff are motivated people who have qualifications in early years education and a thorough understanding of children's needs. Their passion and enthusiasm contributes to creating a happy, fun, safe and secure, loving and enriching environment for all the children.