Buttercups Room (3 months to 2 years)

The Buttercups Room is a large bright room for young children aged 3 months to 2 years approximately and is divided into two sections that allow for quieter activities as well as larger explorative play. There is a separate sleep room which is closely monitored and allows your little one to rest peacefully as required. Babies can join us from 3 months of age where we have a comfortable staff ratio of 1:3.

Babies are cared for by qualified Early Years Practitioners. It is at this age that your child requires that extra special care and attention, so we have created a 'home from home' environment where he or she will feel happy and secure in warm and cosy surroundings. We aim to follow the same comforting routine that your baby has at home whilst enjoying a range of activities that support their development. They also have their own dedicated nursery garden.

Ofsted: “Staff are caring and attentive to the young babies' needs, and are aware of providing exciting experiences to develop their senses and early development.

Children enjoy lots of cuddles and reassurance throughout the day. They also play with toys and sensory equipment which encourages their early stages of development. Babies’ language development is encouraged through conversations with them and lots of singing. Their sensory development is also encouraged and babies enjoy a variety of activities from soft visually stimulating toys moving onto more challenging activities as they become more adventurous.

As your child's mobility increases, they will be 'learning on the move' and will be given every opportunity to be creative and for their individuality to freely form. Children will enjoy playing with more complex toys and equipment as they begin to show increasing independence and obvious pleasure in moving, communicating and learning through play. The Buttercups Room staff plan experiences based on the Government's Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).